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Welcome to    G.A.D.M.A.C

We have training aeroplanes on hand which are controlled using the "buddylead" system,

This system allows the instructor to hold a separate transmitter and is able to take control of the aero plane if the pilot is having difficulties, or if the safety of the public or the aircraft is at risk.

Please feel free to visit us and have a go.
Detailed directions may be found on the Contact Page.

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Date: 11/05/12 - Posted by: Paul

Paul McGaw is one of our new members who recently joined us and has now passed his Solo test after having only joined our club on the 12/March/2012 just over one Month ago. Although Paul had attempted model flying some years ago, he gave up when he crashed his plane and went into model cars, but recently decided to seek help to learn to fly his model park flyer plane but as we know these need to be flown in little or no windy conditions.

Sandy Ward kindly donated an aircraft to Paul, which I think is a super 40 trainer and after a litte TLC, he has been flying this since joining and passed his Solo Test with this aircraft. So on behalf of the Committee we would like to congratulate him on achieving his solo certificate in such a short time, well done Paul. May you have many happy and enjoyable hours of flying as we all do.

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Date: 20/02/12 - Posted by: Paul

Long time since site has been updated, we had problems in the past year with the free webhosting we were on making the website unavailable at times. This has now been rectified by the purchase of a paid webhost meaning site stability should be fine for the forseeable future.

Could all members please e-mail me paul@gadmac.co.uk so the club has an updated database of members e-mail addresses, a club e-mail can be provided if requested which will be (yournamehere)@gadmac.co.uk. Also could everyone make sure you have joined the club forums as some member may have been lost in the transfer, this is to make sure you have access to the members only section in the forum for club updates.

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Date: 14/03/11 - Posted by: Paul

First off thanks to the guys that showed up for the AGM in November your attendance was appreciated.

So a little update, from the AGM i decided to take over from Hugh Gardner as secretary and webmaster so hopefully the site will be more frequently updated from now on.  I have added several new features to the site already including a forum to chat on, a quick chat bar at the top of the page to send quick messages such as heading up to the field and a summary weather forecast for the field to the left of the page.  Also the Newsletter feature now works and we plan to be sending out electronic updates so be sure to sign up, its on the left side of this page.

If you guys have any features you would like to see implemented be sure to send me an e-mail and ill do my best.

Also i have added the pics from our August funday click on the pic below to be taken to the gallery.

One last note, Jim Howat has a competition ending on the 23rd of March to design a new club solo certificate with a first place prize of 30, check the forums for more information and get designing!

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Date: 12/10/09 - Posted by: Shug

The Club AGM will be held on Thursday the 19th of November at 7.30pm and will once again be held in the back room of Montieths Bar in Gourock. All members are invited to come along.

Also Congtatulations to Paul Grech, who, earlier in the year passed his club Solo test which enables him to fly solo within the club, Paul did the solo test in some very windy conditions by performing the required 5 take off and landing's requested by our club, he then answered 2 questions successfully on the safety code, allowing paul to practice towards his Bronze Certificate. Paul was Instructed by Sandy Ward and tested by Jim Howat, Well Done paul! :-)

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Date: 31/12/08 - Posted by: Shug

Greenock and district Model Aircraft Club would like to wish everyone all the very best for 2009!

"Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to."

Congratulations to Martyn Couper, who, earlier in the year passed his club Solo test which enables him to fly solo within the club. Pictured below is Martyn (Holding the plane) alongside Graham (Mad Max) Logan. Also pictured below, is Sandy (Alex) Ward, who helped to train Martyn.

This is what happens when the wings fold on a nova trainer. Never mind Scott, time to dig out the spade, be careful where you tread though, that doesn't look like lumps of mud!!!

On a more cheerful topic, check out the fantastic, onboard camera footage that was taken by Jim Phanco.

Jim Attached a Flycam2 onto his Ripmax Expression, powered by a Jen57.


- Recent News

Date: 25/08/08 - Posted by: Shug

Membership form is now available for download.

Membership form

- Recent News

Date: 31/08/07 - Posted by: Shug

We were recently featured in the local newspaper, "The Greenock Telegraph", check out the article below!

- Recent News

Date: 06/07/07 - Posted by: Shug

What a fantastic day!

I will be updating the web site shortly, but for now, please check out the funday gallery.

and the graveyard gallery!

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Date: 19/04/07 - Posted by: Shug

Well its been an eventful few weeks, The pathways are all but complete, and looking great, thanks goes out to everyone who helped.

There has also been quite a bit of flying over the past few weekends and a small mishap! I managed to crash my newly built Midnight funfly plane, nose first into the dirt! That's what you get when you try to prop hang a new plane 20 feet above the ground, and don't have enough experience,,, well it seemed easy enough on the simulator!!

Jim phanco and his son Scott had a great time with their "zagi" glider.

Sandy also brought along his new Cobra funfly model, although it has yet to fly it is a stunning looking model!

Check out the GALLERY

- Recent News

Date: 25/02/07 - Posted by: Shug

Wow! you must see these video clips of a Robin Reliant full size car turned into a space shuttle!

These nutters fitted wings onto the reliant, to turn it into a glider, then strapped it onto a huge fuel tank, then attached 2 solid rocket boosters to emulate the space shuttle!

If you are over 8 years old, you will want to watch it over again!

There is also footage from Avon Model Aircraft club.


Click here to watch part 1

Click here to watch part 2


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